Crimson TNG 软件无线电平台

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  • Crimson TNG 软件无线电平台

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    Per Vices
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    Crimson TNG 是一款高性能的开源无线电收发器和信号处理平台。支持GNURadio和UHD驱动。 工作频率10KHz-6000MHz,支持4发4收的全双工工作模式,每通道带宽最高325MHz。


Crimson TNG 软件无线电平台


Crimson TNG is a wide band, high gain, direct conversion quadrature transceiver1 and signal processing platform. Using analogue and digital conversion, it is capable of processing signal band-widths up to 325MHz from approximately DC to 6.8GHz. Crimson TNG is compatible with GNU Radio and includes source code for many of its drivers and peripherals.

Crimson TNG is a very ?exible radio and signal processing platform that supports high bandwith communications over a wide tuning range. The hardware and signal processing capabilities may be con?gured to support a very wide variety of applications, each with their own ?gures of merit. It is, therefore, fairly challenging to provide uniform performance speci?cations across those di?erent con?gurations.

To provide a general idea of what this product is capable of, Below table  lists some conservative ?gures of its out-of-box performance. Con?guration of the product towards a speci?c application may see some of these ?gures exceed at the expense of others.



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